July Newsletter-Happy 4 th of July!

Ev’ry heart beats true,

‘neath the
Red, White and Blue
—George M. Cohan

Hello and welcome to our July Newsletter where we The WRC, Naples Federated Literacy and Education Committee are glad to still be singing the tune to Independence and Freedom on this 246th year in which we’ve celebrated The 4th of July.

Some Americans would love to transform our country into a tyrannical state, changing its history and even its flag. Yet, on every corner, as I travel the streets of our lovely city and see our beautiful flag, I’m reminded of how endearing it is to our country. And though some would love to increase the stars of our flag to represent 51 states, some even 52, Today the stars of our American flag represents the 50 states of the Union and the thirteen horizontal stripes, seven red, alternating with six white represent the original 13 colonies. Every stitch of The American Flag represents the importance of what we stand for as Americans, including its colors. As you will note below:

  • Red symbolizes Hardiness and Valor.
  • White symbolizes Purity and Innocence.
  • Blue represents Vigilance, Perseverance and Justice.

And like no other year and no other 4 th of July, the American Flag represents our uttermost Truth, Freedom, and Independence. Go Red, White, and Blue!

Welcome New Members

Ann and DeeDee

Let’s welcome the latest members of our committee, who both joined in June-Ann Sepe and DeeDee Kupsay. Thank you ladies for joining us in the promotion of our great country and Americanism.

Featured Member of the Month

Vice Chair Jeanne Rock

Our American Freedoms are a gift from God. I believe we have to gain an appreciation from our history and then ask ourselves what we can do for our country….not the other way around. Our freedoms are unlike any in the world and were hard fought for and won against insurmountable odds during the Revolutionary War. All you have to do to be reminded of the price paid is to watch the “Legends and Lies” series on Fox News Channel. These truly inspired founding fathers are depicted as truly amazing as each one grew into their unique role. Initially, George Washington lacked self-confidence when asked to lead the colonial army, but with the grace of God and his mighty presence on the battlefield, inspired his men to give their all. John Adams, a brilliant lawyer, also was hesitant to take on the British, but went all in with his cousin Samuel Adams once the Congressional Congress got underway. Both Washington and Adams lived to become our first and third presidents.

So today we must ask ourselves what each of us can do to maintain our freedoms enshrined in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. As President Reagan famously said, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction!” I want to do my part by staying informed and championing causes that will withstand the test our country is now undergoing. I ask God’s blessing on our combined efforts to keep America free. Happy 4th of July!

June 14 th Flag Day Visit to Pace School for Girls

From left to right-Elizabeth Haines, Lytra Wilson, Pace Social Studies Teacher, Jeanne Rock

On Flag Day our WRC Naples group toured the Pace Academy for Girls in Immokalee. We were shown the beautiful facility by the Executive Director, Marianne Kearns, and a lovely 8th grade student named Debra. A huge gymnasium and a lovely cafeteria are features that wow not to mention the courtyard, inspiring bulletin boards, and wall graphics.

Pace Social Studies Classroom

What we Learned

Many motivational strategies are used to engage the girls in their studies and to reward their efforts toward self-improvement. A school store serves to reward the girls for the points they earn throughout the month. Points add up to possible purchases of toiletry items, t-shirts, or casual wear items. Our group is giving some thought to helping the store with some donations. Stay tuned.

We learned that the main objective of the school is to help girls overcome obstacles that have put them at risk of dropping out. Paired with a counselor and a good classroom curriculum, these middle and high school aged girls achieve their goals of improved self-esteem and a chance to succeed in school.

Patriot Readers Update and Drive

Though great strides have been made, we are still awaiting a final confirmation from The CCPS Legal Team. They will set the final precedence for our Patriot Readers to begin reading in September.

Our goal is to begin reading to possibly 20 to 70 CCPS Kindergarten and First Grade Classrooms throughout the 2023/2024 school year. We are looking at reading once a month to the Immokalee Foundation and once a month to First Baptist Academy. This amount of schools will require us to have a long list of go-to Patriot Readers. As of now, we have signed up the list below:

Patriot Readers

If you do not see your name, but would love to promote Americanism and make a difference in the lives of our children by becoming a Patriot Reader, please contact me @ 239-600-8872 or email us @wrclitnedcommittee@mail.com. Or, if you see your name, but are no longer interested, please contact me.

There are guidelines to becoming a Patriot Reader that we will post and update as often possible. One of them is we must sign up online through the CCPS link listed below:


The other is only two books have been authorized to read. They are listed below:

1)American Symbols – What You Need to Know, by Melissa Ann Ferguson.

2) Our Pledge Our Promise The The Pledge, Our Promise: The Pledge of Allegiance Explained, by Sheri Wall.

Book Drive

To assure we have the quantity of books needed to start The Patriot Readers Project, we must continue our book drive. Currently, we have received more than 30 books to fulfill our needed supply of books to start. As an incentive to get to the classrooms to sign up, the first month we will leave behind each book read. We say start because we may need as many as 150 books to fulfill our supply for the year. If you have donated books that are not listed as an authorized book, note they will be used as a donation to the schools during The Mamie Doud Eisenhower Celebration in September.

Books can be purchased through Amazon for pricing between 4.99 and 6.99. We ask that you sign your books for the children to see your name. You may become the one person who they remember encouraged them to learn more about their country.

Drop off points-WRC Luncheons offer a great drop off point at The Literacy and Education Committee Table where one of our members will gladly accept your books. Should you have books to donate but will not be attending the luncheons, contact Lytra Wilson@ 239-600-8872.

Guarantee Return on your Donor Investment

Each donor will receive recognition from our committee and club for becoming a Patriot Reader Donor and promoter of Americanism. Please note the current donors below:

Judie Kupperman, Katie Reese, Tana Page, Elizabeth Haines, Kathi Lewis, Lytra Wilson

Each donor will be remembered by a child.

June 24 Literacy and Education Committee Meeting

Please note there was a mixup the day of our meeting this month caused by the virtual platform used. Microsoft Teams is not our usual virtual meeting platform, yet it is one that I use daily for work.

July’s meeting will be setup virtually July 29 th through zoom.

WRC, Naples Federated Meeting July 8

July is the month for fireworks, including our luncheon at The Hilton Naples 5111, Tamiami Trail, Naples, Florida 34103, where KellyAnne Conway will be speaking and bringing on the fireworks with her new book, Here’s the Deal. From her personal life to her past role as senior advisor to President Trump fireworks will be firing off and leaving you speechless. If you haven’t already purchased your seat to the luncheon, then you should prepare to purchase KellyAnne’s book online because this luncheon is going to be packed to capacity.

This Month’s Holiday Trivia

Can you name the designer of our first flag? Can you name the four men in admiration of the first flag?

If you could name each of the people requested, then our flag and the men who founded this country and loved it enough to make it free to all live in your heart.

Thank you for supporting The WRC, Naples Federated Literacy and Education Committee. We appreciate each and everyone of you.

Have a Safe Holiday!!! 🇺🇸

Lytra Wilson, Chair Jeanne Rock, Vice Chair

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